Let's Hack the Crisis, Sweden!

Hack the Crisis is putting together online hackathons to offer solutions on how to use tech for crisis response and deal with the post-crisis era. Events ran by local communities all over the world are popping up to help and together work on solutions. It's time for Sweden to, with joint forces, join the movement. 

Backed by the Swedish Government, openhack has joined forces with Hack for Sweden to ship the online hackathon Hack the Crisis Sweden 3-6 of April. The aim is to emerge from the crisis stronger than ever. Now is the prime time to design, test and launch moonshot ideas that will either help tackle the crisis or spark our core values: Social impact, community, openness, technology and altruism.

APRIL 3-6 SIGN UP AT hackthecrisis.se

Hackathon Overview

The hackathon will be online, but fear not, we will keep the community engaged through regular checkins. You may work as a team or alone, with an existing idea or without. Please note that you all need to sign up individually even tho you will be working in a team. Do you already have an ongoing  project and need more people to help building it, welcome onboard! 

    Hackathon? An intense period of time where participants team up and create solutions to real-life challenges. Using creativity, technology and mentoring, the weekend results in prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovative usages of tech.

    so what's next?

    and what's the challenge really about?

    In response to COVID-19, we will address multiple challenges all based on the Corona crisis . The three main tracks the hackathon will focus on are: 

      1. Save lives
      2. Save communities
      3. Save businesses

      so what's next?

      This is just the first step, in order to really solve the challenges we will level up and follow through, tbc. 

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      With your contribution, we can continue to engineer for long-term sustainable solutions. The donation goes to the specific project within Engineers without borders which you tag the donation with.

      e.g. [Hack the crisis, my name and email(optional)]

      SWISH: 123 90 06 84 2

      PG: 90 06 84 - 2